Foreign trade
advisory and services



ASCEX is an organization made up of multidisciplinaries professionals, oriented towards integration and and cooperation. We offer to the market Professional services specialized in foreign trade.

ASCEX is a 100% Mexican company with more s 10 years in the market and its main objective is to permanently meet the needs of our clients in everything related to the advisor and services to foreign trade.


To ensure that our clients have the best advisor and manager in the country with the best quality and the best price


To be the leading company in services and advice in foreign trade of the industry.


Respect, Honesty, Attitude, Positivism, Social Responsibility, Human Development, Optimism, Creativity, Social Responsibility.

Advice and Management to Foreign Trade.

ASCEX provides all the accumulated experience to provide the best advisor and manager in everything related to foreign trade. This has allowed us to increase the trust and loyalty of our customers.

Trusting in ASCEX

Based on the values, mission and vision in the company, ASCEX and its team of experts always is finding the permanent satisfaction of our customers, implementing the best practice in the market

These actions impact on the credibility, trust and loyalty of our customers generating a virtuous circle.


Advice and services to foreign trade!

Foreign Trade Advisor

Let us have ASCEX and its group of experts advise you on any subject related to Foreign Trade

Foreign Trade Management

ASCEX will manage in a timely and expeditious manner any procedure in the customs agency


Due to ASCEX's extensive experience in the market, the company offers training , updates and seminars on any subject related to foreign trade.

Eighth rule

ASCEX manages everything related to the authorities of the Ministry of Economy of Mexico in order to obtain permission to import under the Eighth rule scheme


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